The Studio Visit

Private salon setting

Red Carpet Hair Studio is an atelier-style, independent hair studio inside of Stylist Studios, that you will love or grow to love, no pressure.

The salon suite concept

The salon-suite concept has swept through the Triangle allowing individual artists to become entrepreneurs at an affordable overhead rate.

What this looks like is a professional and clean building named Stylist Studios.  It houses 17 hair stylists and one aesthetician with individual rooms and doors, and a shared dryer/steamer space.

A mini salon all in one room, two restrooms, complimentary wine, water and the beverage of the moment, the latter, courtesy of yours truly.



When you arrive, please walk down to suite 413 to let me know that you’ve made it. I will let you know if I am ready for you.  If I need a few minutes more, I will graciously let you know.  If I am finishing with another guest I will ask you to please sit in the front waiting area.

This is probably the first time that you’ve had “you-time” all day, so grab a magazine and your drink will be served in a real glass, it’s the little things in life, sigh.

Did I mention the mints, tissues and the vending machine?  Well now you know.

Studio policies



After every service you will receive a Thank You e-mail.  It will read something like: If you are not 100% thrilled with your cut, color, or style please call me within 48-hours.

I am more than happy to correct any part of your service that you are not happy with.  Because of my commitment to providing a high level of service it is not standard practice to offer refunds.



Starting prices for services are posted on the web.  If a service takes significantly longer than expected, you may be subject to a price increase.



Appointments are to be cancelled 24-hours before your scheduled appointment.

No explanation(s) needed.

To cancel an appointment, you may call the studio at 919.847.8470, e-mail me at:, or click the cancel option in your confirmation e-mail.

Repeated cancellations in less than 24-hours will result in you being placed on a same-day scheduling cycle.  This means that you can book an appointment by telephone on the same day that you would like your hair to be serviced.



In this technology-riddled age I kindly assume that if one does not show up for an appointment and that one does not contact me, that someone may be involved in a life/health emergency.

If the reason for missing your scheduled time is not crisis-driven, please expect to be charged 50% of the cost of the services you would have received.



This is a two-way street.  I can easily run behind, even though I make every effort not to make this a habit, sometimes it’s out of my control, sometimes it’s my fault.

Let’s just incorporate the Golden Rule here.  If I’m running behind, I’ll call you.  If you’re running behind don’t hesitate to call me.  Where’s that easy button?  This is a win-win.



If you book a visit online and you do not immediately receive a confirmation e-mail, you do not have an appointment scheduled.  Please call the studio at 919.847.8470 and I will be happy to assist you.  If I do not answer, please leave a message and will return your call promptly.



Before each service let’s chat about any changes in your hair and your health.  Let’s be candid about what you loved about your last service and if there was an element that wasn’t quite right.  My thought is, expectations can be managed with clear communication.  Time to dish!

Have a photo that you’ve been staring at for weeks and weeks in anticipation of your next new look?  Great!  Bring it in and let’s discuss how we can tailor that bit of inspiration to your face shape, eye color, hair color, undertones of your skin and your lifestyle choices.

If you left your photo(s) at home or the office, we’ll just find the look online.  No worries.

Now that we’ve addressed “house-keeping” items, book your visit today!