New Mom – Hot You Series
Posted on February 3, 2015 in Hot Mom Series, Wellness


Whitney, mother of Easton, two-months-old.


This series was inspired by all of the new moms who have come in recently for their “sexy mom” hair cut.

Becoming a new mother is an amazing experience.  It is filled with adventure, cuddling, that warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy and the temptation to neglect yourself.

Keep yourself high on the priority list by recharging your body, soul and mind.

Show your heart and mind the love by getting a wonderful foot massage.  The benefits relate to heart health, better blood circulation and enhanced respiratory function.

I recently visited Synergy Spa for a pedicure.  The dim lights, beverage offering, and Laila’s perfect, human touch allowed me to release the week’s stress and to plunge back into reality refreshed.

Refuse to let the demands of motherhood drain you to prune status.  Give from a full well.

#stayahotmama #love #yourself.



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