Moisture Matters Parts III + IV
Posted on January 14, 2015 in Hair Care

IT’S 2015!

So my November vacation on the Disney Fantasy really messed up my blog flow.  They have a way of spoiling you rotten to where you return home wanting service at every turn.  I had a sense of entitlement to no longer cook, clean or get on the computer.  Can you believe that?

I am back to my senses now and am making a fresh commitment to this hopefully helpful blog.

Next thought? Moisturize from the inside out with WATER.

Water keeps our internals hydrated.  Hydrated skin and hair respond very differently than do parched, thirsty skin and hair.  Water provides suppleness that allows products and color services to absorb more effectively and to hold longer.  So drink up.


Moisture Matters Part IV

I have asked the following question so many times and I am surprised each time I get the same answer.

Me:  So what do you do to your hair after you rinse out your conditioner?

Star Client: I blow dry and flat iron it.

Me: What do you put on it before you add heat?

Star Client: Oh, nothing.

Our hair is mainly composed of keratin, amino acids and cysteine bonds.  These bonds have to be protected in order for hair to remain supple, smooth, elastic, and feeling like hair you want to play with.

It is imperative that your moisture routine is tailored to the season.

Right now it’s Winter.  Consider using creams, oils and serums.  They have more emollients/fats that keep the moisturized in dryer climates.

My faves?  L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil, Pro-Keratin Blow Dry Cream.

We are 30 days away from Valentine’s Day…show your hair some love.

Ready. Hydrate. Go!

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