Moisture Matters Part 2
Posted on October 28, 2014 in Hair Care, Skin Care

The NC State Fair is here in full swing, winter dances are on and our skin and hair are changing before us.

This is code to say that our scalp is an extension of the skin on our faces and hey, it needs attention too!

stimulating scalp oil

For African-Americans and similar textures, it is essential to oil the scalp with a lightweight oil.  Influance Hair Care’s Stimulating Scalp Oil soothes itchiness, adds a light sheen, and a pepper-minty tingle.  Application Tip: on a dry, clean scalp glide, note I did not say dig the pad of your fingertip into the jar, part your hair from hairline to nape, glide that one fingertip down the entire part.  Repeat from ear-to-ear 1X/week OR as needed.


mythic oil

Caucasian or very fine textures should reach for the nearest bottle of L’Oreal Professionnel’s Nourishing Mythic Oil.  Application Tip: pump once or twice onto fingers, emulsify oil into your hands like lotion, gather hair into a ponytail, start from the rear, work your way to the top, massage oil in hair and scalp.  Repeat daily OR as needed on damp or dry hair, depending how often you shampoo and condition, note I did not say wash.

Both products highlighted are sold online and in the studio.

Til next time,

Please moisturize!

XO Chauna


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