Moisture Matters Part 1
Posted on October 23, 2014 in Hair Care

So the beautiful crispness of the fall air is here, the pumpkins are carved (at least in my house, that’s a first!), and the NC State Fair is buzzing along.

How is your skin and hair faring?

Moisture is needed all year around, the TYPE of moisture is what has to be tailored to the seasons and your lifestyle.

Let’s start this chat with shampoo and conditioning.

Those with color-treated, or very coarse, hard-to-tame hair should consider switching from a conditioner to a masque.


Liss Unlimited will flood your hair (in a good way) with essential oils that will keep you shampoo-free for at least four days.

Absolut Repair Lipidium will restore all of those hours of basking in the summer sun, by literally rebuilding essential peptide bonds that give hair its strength.

These items are sold online, or inside the studio.  Get your hands on these gems before the winter snap.

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