It’s wedding season, are you ready?
Posted on May 25, 2016 in Beauty, Hair, Hair Care, Wedding Hair

I promise you Spring is here in spite of the persistent rain and thunderstorm threats in the southeast.  BUT that is no excuse to not be ready for your practice/trial wedding appointment.

How do I prepare for my wedding appointment?  Glad you asked.

  • Don’t fight against styles that you naturally gravitate towards.

Usually this means that there is just the right balance of YOUR style, and that little something special that will make you stand out on your wedding day.  Breathe, keep calm and go with.

  • Make sure that your dress and hair complement each other.

If your dress is a super-sophisticated shantung silk, mermaid cut number, you really want to go towards very polished hair, whether it’s up, down, to the side, or half up/down.

  • GET HAIR CUTS LEADING UP TO YOUR BIG DAY.  Sorry for yelling in all caps, but this one is kinda close to my heart.

There is a total myth out there that I am determined to bust.  Hair that is very long can get very heavy (depending on your texture).  Ends that need trimming, well ummm, need trimming and they do not cooperate with hair spray, pomades and curling irons well.  Get your hair trimmed and deep conditioned every eight weeks, leading up to your big day.  You don’t have to get 12 inches chopped off, even an inch or a half inch makes a huge difference in creating a beautiful style easily.

Sigh of relief ensues.  Now that we’ve cleared the air, book your appointment today and bring every accessory so that the bridal look makes sense to your everyday self.  After all, most of us don’t get married every day….or do we?

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